Still going until Sept 19

OC Film Fiesta in Santa Ana a Cinema Celebration is continuing until September 19. All screenings are FREE! Hopefully you will get a chance to check it out.

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Tuesday, Sept. 14, 6:30pm @ CALACAS on 4th

“El Compadre Mendoza”

A classic Mexican Golden Age film about politics and integrity.

Opportunistic landowner Rosalio Mendoza wants to be everyone’s “Compadre” (close buddy), but his alliances clash when a revolution demands he choose sides.  He entertains government officers with his best cognac, then breaks out the mescal when the rebels appear. When Mendoza marries an impoverished young beauty, her charms  draw a handsome rebel general closer into their circle with dire consequences.

Followed by an pot-luck reception.  CALACAS’ gorgeous tiendita will be open next door throughout the screening!

CALACAS, 324 W. 4th St.

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2pm @ Santa Ana College, Philips Aud.

“Short Film Showcase”

A part of the SAC Student Body “Hispanic Heritage” celebration day!

Lineup to be announced soon.

SANTA ANA COLLEGE, Phillips Aud. | Map

1530 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA

Thursday, Sept. 16, 3pm @ Santa Ana College, Philips Aud.

“Los Ultimos Zapatistas”

This award-winning documentary by Francesco Taboada Tabone features interviews with some of the last surviving members of Emiliano Zapata’s army. View Trailer

SANTA ANA COLLEGE, Phillips Aud. | Map

1530 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA

Thursday, Sept. 16, 5pm, Original Mike’s

“Latino Short Film Program”

Featuring Paul Bobadilla’s award-winning “Tijuaneros”

A selection of short films by up and coming US & Mexican filmmakers will be screened during Original Mike’s Happy Hour “Movies & Margaritas” night along with signature “Independence Day” cocktails.  Celebrate the next generation of Latino filmmakers

ORIGINAL MIKE’S, 100 S. Main | Map

Thursday, Sept. 16, 7pm, Original Mike’s

“¡Three Amigos!”

Classic 80′s comedy starring OC’s own Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short

Sponsored by Caribou Industries and Original Mike’s

This classic 1986 John Landis comedy starring Orange County’s own Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin short follows the misadventures of a trio of silent movie stars who are mistaken for actual revolutionary heroes by villagers threatened by the menacing El Guapo, played to the hilt by Alfonso Arau. View Trailer

ORIGINAL MIKE’S, 100 S. Main | Map |Download Flier

Friday, Sept. 17

“Film Fiesta”

Santa Ana Mexican Bicentennial Fiesta Kickoff Gala

Sponsored by Downtown Inc., Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana and the OC Film Fiesta

Savor live music, Latin flavors, and a tantalizing atmosphere at the Santa Ana 2010 Mexican Bicentennial Gala!

Sponsored by Downtown Inc., Film Fiesta and the Mexican Consulate

A selection of short films and a cinema classic will be screened concurrent to Santa Ana’s 2010 Mexican Bicentennial Gala sponsored by Downtown Inc, Film Fiesta and the Mexican Consul.  This event also features live music, an array of Mexican delicacies, and an open bar set against the cinematic Santa Ana skyline.  By invitation only.  Attend the 2010 Bicentennial Gala as a Film Fiesta guest with any level of Sponsorship or as Press representative!   Visit our Press or Sponsor pages for details.

Saturday, Sept 18, 2pm @ Fiesta Twin Theater on 4th Street

“Walt & El Grupo”

Join Walt Disney on his historic 1941 visit to Latin America!

Director Ted Thomas will be at the screening in person!

An award-winning documentary about a journey Walt Disney and his animators made to South America in 1941.  The trip served as the visual inspiration for the animated feature “Los Three Caballeros” and influenced Disney animation for decades to come. The film’s director, Ted Thomas, son of legendary Disney animator Frank Thomas, will be present for a Q&A session after the film.  Screened in glorious 35mm.

FIESTA TWIN, 305-100 E. 4th St.

Saturday, Sept. 18, 6pm @ The Yost

“Eloy Take Two”

With introductions by the artist himself, Eloy Torrez!

Eloy Take Two is a film by Roberto S. Oregel chronicling the journey into the creative mind and work of Los Angeles artist, Eloy Torrez, famous for painting the celebrated mural of Anthony Quinn on the Victor Clothing Bldg. The documentary features comedy legend/art collector Cheech Marin, musician Doug Martinez and others.  Explore Eloy’s canvas, the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. View Trailer.

THE YOST, 307 N. Spurgeon

Saturday, Sept. 18, 7pm @ The Yost

“Viva Zapata”

With introduction by Emiliano Zapata’s nephew, Alfredo Zapata!

This classic 1952 film about Emiliano Zapata starring Santa Ana High School alum Marlon Brando and Anthony Quinn, written by John Steinbeck and directed by Elia Kazan is not to be missed! View Trailer

THE YOST, 307 N. Spurgeon | Map

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2pm @ Fiesta Twin Theater on 4th Street

“The Three Caballeros”

The Disney animated classic!

This animated 1940s film starring Donald Duck and his two Latino amigos, the Mexican Panchito and Brazilian Jose Carioca, sends audiences on a vibrant visual journey across Mexican pop and South American pampas.  A family-friendly classic screened in glorious 35mm! View Trailer

FIESTA TWIN, 305-100 E. 4th St.

Sunday, Sept 19, 9pm @ The Yost

“The Storm that Swept Mexico”

OC Premiere of a celebrated new film exploring the legacy of the Mexican Revolution!

Sponsored by the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana

The Storm That Swept Mexico is an epic two-hour HD documentary by Ray Telles that tells the story of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, its causes and its legacy, using contemporary footage and interviews with participants, historians, and others, as well as with period photographs and motion picture from the earliest days of cinema.

THE YOST, 307 N. Spurgeon

* Schedule subject to change *

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