“Sunshine Ordinance” gets passed

On October 15, the Santa Ana City Council voted to pass the “Sunshine Ordinance” on its second reading. This piece of legislation provides for greater civic involvement and government transparency and accountability, requiring open calendars for city officials, increased notification and communication around development projects, and improved budget and strategic planning outreach.

The Sunshine Ordinance was proposed and advocated for by the Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development (SACReD, a coalition of residents, neighborhoods associations and community groups. Community members, labor organizations, local small businesses, and other Sunshine endorsers joined SACReD at the Santa Ana City Hall  to encourage council members to pass the ordinance at its second reading.

Santa Ana’s Sunshine Ordinance will increase opportunities for residents and stakeholders to participate in their local government, leading to a better quality of life, healthy families, and a strong economy.

“It’s an amazing achievement for the community to have this vote for the ordinance, but at the same time a greater responsibility that all of us participate and understand the ordinance,” said Juan Carlos Macedo, a Santa Ana resident. “The community knows that with transparency we can work with the councilmembers and mayor for the benefit of Santa Ana.”

The Sunshine Ordinance will go into effect 30 days from the date of passage.

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