PANCHO LAND for Kindle

Author Raul Ramos y Sanchez just released a special promotion to spread the word on PANCHO LANDUntil November 30th, you’ll get a free Gift Copy of PANCHO LAND for Kindle to share with a friend when you buy the novel on Amazon for just $4.99.

To get your Free Gift Copy of PANCHO LAND, just send an email with proof of purchase to: Raul has personally asked his friends and fans to help spread the word about this promotion.

“Pancho Land” is winning rave reviews just like “America Libre” and “House Divided.”

In “Pancho Land” Latino insurgents are waging a bitter civil war. Sarah Evans was once their hostage in Los Angeles, a rebel stronghold in a war-torn Southern California.

Now, Sarah has returned to LA. Not for vengeance, but for love. Shortly after arriving, Sarah is embroiled in a plot to destroy a Midwestern city, threatening to land Sarah on death row. Meanwhile, the U.S. ethnic conflict escalates, bringing the entire world to the brink of war.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez writes about controversial situations that simmer just underneath the surface of today’s headlines. His characters engage their realms with addictive page turning results that speak to love, war and race relations.

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