Señorita Vino – Vino 101

For the love of wine, Señorita Vino is dedicated to wine lovers of all stripes, palates, tastes and socioeconomic levels. The website seeks to create a forum for Latinos who like wine but may feel somewhat intimidated by the notion of selecting, tasting and talking about it.

Founded by Pamela C. Pajuelo, the only Latina wine blogger in the U.S., Señorita Vino offers basic wine education in a fun and casual format with the goal of reinforcing the fact that wine can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience.

A graduate of the University of California, Pamela also holds a certificate in Wine Education and Management from UCLA Extension’s accredited program.

Pamela writes about wines, products, places and events that she attends purely out of personal interest and funded by her own hard-earned cash. The opinions she posts are purely her own.

The positivity of the blog comes from Pamela herself as she states in her Vino 101 section “Remember, there’s no expectation out there that you have to be a wine expert to buy a bottle of wine, choose wine in a restaurant, or visit a winery. And anyone who makes you feel intimidated may have some other issues going on. So grab a set of wine glasses and let’s do ourselves a little tasting!”

She is a contributing writer for Latina Magazine’s food and wine website, The Latin Kitchen. And thanks to the Twitterverse it has been a pleasure sharing and learning about “Vino” online.

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