Gesundheit! Institute 2013

Ecuador, love your heart out.
January 7-13, 2013 | Quito & Otavalo, Ecuador

Celebrate the holidays by participating this January in Clowning & Caring in Ecuador. Come clowning, loving, playing, laughing at the equator line, where the hemispheres of care and activism join together to re-design our caring characters and a new desirable society!

Patch Adams MD & the clowns-performers-composers of the School for Designing will be there to dazzle you with workshops in clown technique, love strategy and reflection on where we are.

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School for Designing a Society
March 4-24, 2013 | NYC

When society’s values disturb you, but you feel strong, neighborly solidarity, maybe you want to clarify what you want.

When an issue consumes you, but you feel inarticulate and stuck, maybe you need some new ways of talking.

When advertising has co-opted your basic needs, and your self-presentation is still only by default, maybe you want to redesign your costume.

Gesundheit! Institute invites you to formulate a world you would prefer compose a project in this world that points to that one experiment every day with conversation and response at the SCHOOL FOR DESIGNING A SOCIETY

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9th Annual Alternative Spring Break Trips
March 3-9th or March 10-6th, 2013 | Guatemala City, Guatemala

You are invited by Gesundheit! Institute and Patch Adams to Guatemala City, Guatemala for the 9th annual Alternative Spring Break trip! During the week they will open our hearts into the discovery of improvisational play, communal connectedness, and activism through joy and service. If you’ve never clowned before, this is your chance to dive into a whole new way of being!

Each day, participants will explore the dynamics between play and power during visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, public parks, and special needs facilities. Participants will be joined in visits by members of the Guatemalan clown organization Fabrica de Sonrisas. As each member learns about themselves as humanitarian clowns through workshops in clown technique, bonds will be formed within the small group as well as in the greater Fabricas family.

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