Delhi Gets Lean & Green

The Delhi Center, which provides programs in financial stability, education, health and community engagement in Santa Ana is taking steps to optimize its budget and its impact on the environment. The following upgrades are part of a larger sustainability project that will explore the future use of renewable energy sources such as solar power.

• Painting the roof white to reduce heat penetration up to 85%

• Installing solar window shades to bolster thermal insulation and cut our electricity bill by 15 percent

• Using a software system that automates and remotely controls thermostats and lighting

• Buying hand dryers to replace paper towel dispenser that cost Delhi $2,000 a year

• Upgrading restrooms with energy-efficient faucets and toilets to save 50,000 gallons of water annually

Visit the Delhi Center website to share energy saving ideas or to offer suggestions how they can obtain energy-savings materials at a discount. The savings will be used to bolster the programming that enriches the lives of local residents.

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