GRAMMY Winner! Quetzal

On Sunday, February 10, 2013 the East L.A. band Quetzal and their latest release “Imaginaries” won the GRAMMY for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. This win solidifies the effort behind the album released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. On Facebook the band also acknowledged the community as storytellers and musicians “The stories we tell are your struggles and triumphs.” Even after 20 year the victory of a win the band stays true to their roots. Felicidades!

Inspired by traditional son jarocho music of Veracruz, Mexico, and spiked with urban rhythms, rock and R&B, East LA Chicano group Quetzal has released ‘Imaginaries’, its 5th album and 1st for Smithsonian Folkways. Quetzal is a band known as being “provocative, heartfelt and strikingly original” (LA Times) and was founded by guitarist Quetzal Flores. Quetzal the band rose from the ashes of uprisings in Los Angeles in 1992 as a vehicle for social commentary and activism.

Quetzal forges a sound that will simultaneously make you dance and contemplate change. Their unique combination of community activism and creative compositions has allowed them to travel the world using music as a tool for creating a global network of musicians committed to building community.

Since 2002 Quetzal has been part of facilitating a transnational dialogue between musicians in California and Veracruz, Mexico known as “Fandango Sin Fronteras”.  Many recordings, performances, and publications have been born from this dialogue.

‘Imaginaries’ begins with the dark but lively “2+0+1+2=Five,” about a barren landscape ruined by environmental abuse; set in 5/4 time, the composition is punctuated by lush strings, organs and eerie vocals. It sets the tone for a fiery, innovative, percussive and bilingual album that fuses a taut mix of rock and R&B, and the Veracruz-informed “Tragafuegos.”

‘Imaginaries’ is the 35th release in the Smithsonian Folkways Tradiciones/Traditions series since 2002. The series, a co-production with the Smithsonian Latino Center, showcasing the diverse musical heritage of the 50 million Latinos living in the USA.

Check out the video below featuring their hauntingly beautiful “Todo Lo Que Tengo (All That I Have)”. Quetzal will be touring in support of the album check out their facebook and website to see if they will be playing nearby.

Para más información:

Listen to “Imaginaries”:

Listen to “Tragafuegos” (Fire Breathers):



YOUTUBE Video: “Todo Lo Que Tengo (All That I Have)”

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